Hi. My name's Jim Murdoch. I'm a Scottish poet who somehow blundered into novel writing. It was never part of the plan but everything worked out in the end.

Covers to the 4 books

To date I've published four novels, Living with the Truth and its sequel, Stranger than Fiction, Milligan and Murphy and The More Things Change, two collections of poetry, This Is Not About What You Think and Reader Please Supply Meaning and a book of short stories entitled Making Sense.

I'm currently editing my fifth novel which will be called Left.

All my prose works are available as ebooks. The first two novels are also out as an omnibus edition, The Whole Truth.

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Since August 2007 I've been writing the blog The Truth About Lies where you can find articles about all things literary along with regular book reviews. Since nothing much happens in my life worth writing about you'll be glad to hear there's precious little extraneous crap. I try to stick to my basic themes. So no articles about how cute my pets are or recipes for haggis or long meanderings through my childhood although I have no problem referencing these kind of things if they are relevant. They're usually not.

Examples of my poems and short stories can be found all over the Web. Just click Read and you'll find some samples.

I hope everything else is fairly self-explanatory so I won't keep you further.

Thanks for dropping by.