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Postage is expensive and it's only going to get dearer. To make my books competitive I've basically absorbed the cost of postage. I'm not in this business to make a big profit but I would also like to cover my costs. If you live within the UK this means that you'll pay a little less than you would if you were to walk into a bookshop and purchase a similar book. Outside the UK you'll pay about the same.

The books are all printed to a high standard by Anthony Rowe, a company who specialises in short to medium-run digital and sheetfed litho print production.

The best place to order books is straight from the FV Books site. You can order through but it will end up costing you more.


E-books are the future. So they keep telling us. And like it or lump it they're probably right.

I've owned a e-book reader for over 10 years so I was an early adopter. They have their limitations and I think it'll be a while before we have a standard format. But I'm hopeful.

All my e-books are available from the Smashwords site in a variety of formats.